I haven’t talked much about exercising on this blog. Exercising is the number ONE thing you can do for your heart. I volunteer at my local hospital for the Cardiac Rehabilitation department. I talk to the patients just after they’ve either had open heart surgery or a stent  put into their arteries.  According to most cardiologist, the number one prevention besides a healthy diet is doing at least 30 minutes of exercising per day.
I use to be one of those people who would say…”I’m too busy”….okay how about taking time for yourself…Get some exercise tapes, grab your ipod go for a walk. I joined the YMCA, check out your area. The Y is a great bargin, a one time membership fee, then very minimal monthly payments. They have tons of fun exercise classes you can take. If the Y is too expensive go buy a $10 exercise DVD, one that might interest you or walk….its free!
I take tap (yes as in dancing) with my daughter…it so fun….I also love Yoga….talk about hard…but you feel so wonderful after your done. Zumba is another class I love..sort of a funky aerobics/latin dancing class…
Sometimes, I just go for a walk with my doggies…it makes them happy and my heart happy too!

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