We had the most gorgeous day the other day…April 7th…funny, 1 year ago from that date was the day that changed my eating life forever. One year ago I was preparing for open heart surgery. Here it is..one year later, I’m so much happier, healthier,  leaner and most important of all I feel GREAT! Life has a funny way to wake you up…I really believe that your body gives you signs…we just don’t listen.
Okay…no more preaching for the day…on with the recipes….
Like I said, a couple of days ago, we had the most gorgeous day…especially for Canton, Ohio…high 70’s, sunny magnificent and to think its April! (we’re suppose to get snow tomorrow……) I decided to make my husband and stepson barbecue chicken…I got to thinking, why not try barbecuing Gardein chick’n?  What? you may ask is Gardein chick’n? Its fake chicken made from soy protein, vital wheat gluten, quinoa, millet and kamut just to name a few of the ingredients. Any dish you would make with chicken, you can make with Gardein…check out their website..www.gardien.com, you can find out where you can purchase it in your area.
So, I made this really tasty, simple dinner, all’s I did was grill the chick’n, slabbed on some barbecue sauce, 3 minutes on each side and it was done! I served corn, baked beans, and a baked sweet potato with a side of salad…..very tasty and great for my heart!
Give Gardein a try….be creative…..


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