The other day I went to the book store to research vegetarian cookbooks.
I was surprised at how many Vegetarian Cookbooks there where out there, from Vegan (not there yet) to Vegetarian Crock pot meals, to low-fat Vegetarian Meals, then I saw it, the perfect book for me……”Vegetarian Beginner’s Guide” by Vegetarian Times….

and to top it off, the bookstore I went to had a sale “all cookbooks where 30% off!!!” Ya-Hoo! It has some really wonderful recipes along with chapters like “Vegetarian 101”, “So You Want to Become a Vegetarian”. And to my amazement, there was a recipe for “Cincinnati Chili”. I grew up in Cincinnati on “3-ways”, I thought I would never have my most favorite guilt food again….I can’t wait to try it. I’ll let you know.

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