So, where did the week go? Wow! I can’t believe it! Time flies by doesn’t it?
My husband just got back from a 5 day fishing trip to Alaska, a trip of a lifetime. I gave him my camera to take lots of pictures, he took 10! On my trip to Amsterdam I took over 300! I guess he doesn’t get digital….Well, he brought back lots of fish, salmon, halibut, rock fish, and cod, probably over 100 lbs of fish. What’s a vegetarian to do with all that fish? We did give some of it away, but I must confess, I ate some of it (yikes!). As I was preparing the fish, all’s I kept thinking, “this poor fish was swimming alive and well 3 days ago!” I marinated it, my husband grilled it, I ate it (along with lots of veges of course), I have to admit, it was good but I didn’t LOVE it.
Dr. Dean Ornish put it best, once you give up meat, you really won’t miss it, you probably won’t like it any more. I highly recommend his book “Eat More, Weigh Less” This book was my first step into becoming a vegetarian. He explains a lot, has lots of great recipes and I found this book very interesting and made a lot of sense.
So, I’ll probably eat a little more fish, it won’t sway me from my vegetarian ways though.
I still consider myself a “Green Vegetarian”!

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