I watched an incredible movie today, Food, Inc. I cried. I can’t believe what our government is doing to us. Did you ever wonder why their are so many fat people, fat children now compared to years ago? I remember growing up in the 60’s (my grade school years), it was rare for one of my classmates to be fat, oh yes, there was the token one or two, but not a whole class! Our food was basically organic grown. Cows ate grass. McDonald’s was a rare treat, not dinner 5 out of 7 days as it is now. This movie isn’t just about meat, its also about our vegetables, soy. Did you know “Monsanto” is the number one seller of all seeds to farmers. Your probably thinking…so what…did you know that Monsanto is a chemical company? Remember “agent orange from Vietnam? Yes, they made it. And they don’t like farmers who don’t use their seeds. You know that soy you think is so healthy? I wouldn’t put it in my mouth. Unfortunately if you look at ingredient lists on most foods, you’ll either find the word soy, or corn fructose. Have you ever noticed when you travel and you pass farm fields, what are they growing? Yep, corn and that other plant you see is soy. You must watch this movie! You will think twice about what you put into your mouth. Join “Takepart.com/foodinc TODAY! We must start changing, forget about health care…..we have to start with where are food comes from first! GET THIS MOVIE…..TODAY!

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