No recipes today. More of a reflection on life.
Have you ever met an “inspiration”? Someone who really inspires you? I have.
This past Monday, one of my very best of friends sister-in-law died of breast cancer. She was only 41 years old. Heather was one remarkable woman. Even though at the age of 13 she lost her leg to cancer, she was an amazing athlete who didn’t know the meaning of can’t be done.
I met Heather many years ago when I lived in Cincinnati. We both were members at “Bally’s”.
We both had the same trainer and trained together sometimes. She was so strong. She could workout on any machine even though she only had one leg! Even though I worked out with Heather, I really didn’t know her that well. Years later my friend Kathy got married. At the wedding, I was shocked to see Heather, turns out Heather was now Kathy’s new sister-in-law! It truly is a small world.
Heather was always an amazing person to me, and I’m sure to anyone who knew her or her story.
Heather started raising money for breast cancer research. Heather loved to “spin”, that exercise that sort of looks like a bike but I’m too scared to try. Not Heather, she raised money “spinning”, in fact in 2008 she become the largest individual fundraiser for the Susan G. Koman Race for the Cure, all while undergoing chemotherapy!
Heather has made me sit back and think. Whenever I have a “bad” day, I’ll always think of Heather. When I tell people about my life and they say to me….”oh my gosh, you’ve been through so much”, I always think of Heather.
As Heather put it “Cancer isn’t a choice,. Fighting is.”
I hope I NEVER go through chemo/radiation again. I’m trying so hard to make my heart as strong as possible. I feel through by-pass surgery I have a second chance. Eating healthy isn’t difficult for me. I know what my alternative is.
Let’s all do it! Dedicate at least one day a month and go VEGETARIAN!
Remember Heather….
I have a choice… we all do….she didn’t.

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