I always wanted to buy a juicer but I didn’t want to spend the $$$$. I was looking through the food ads and I noticed “Aldi” had a juicer for $39.99. Well, for $39.99 even if I used it twice that would be worth it. I went to my local “Aldi” they only had 1 left in a beat-up box. I thought, “well it should work”, I got it home, no power. I exchanged it at another “Aldi” they had several left, I thought okay, I’ll give it a try. I bought some oranges, I had apples. I took it home and made fresh orange juice. Yummy! I next tried apples….even better! What if I mixed apples, oranges and then threw in a cucumber, what would that taste like? Yummy! I put 1/4 of the juice in a glass filled the rest with seltzer water. What a nice FRESH refreshing low calorie drink. If you ever see a juicer for $39.99 (perhaps you live by a “Aldi”), give it a try. I’m going to try my own version of V-8 juice tomorrow.

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