Jungle Jim’s International Market

Posted by on Oct 12, 2009 in Blog

I went “home” this past weekend for my mom’s memorial service. Since we where in Cincinnati I asked my daughter if she would like to check out “Jungle Jim’s”. She is a big “foodie” just like me, so she agreed. What you may ask is “Jungle Jim’s International Market”? Its an amazing food extravaganza. If you need that one special ingredient, I guarantee he will have it. The store encompasses 350,000 square feet of, vegetables, fruit, canned goods, health food, foods from around the world, beers from around the world, cheese, baked goods, meats (OK so we don’t go there), and an amazing wine collection, the largest in the United States!
I remember going to “Jungle Jim’s” with my dad, it started in 1974, a small fruit and vegetable stand on a corner lot in Fairfield, Ohio. And my has it grown. When I left Cincinnati about 9 years ago, I was amazed at what I could find there. Now its grown even larger. I hear languages from all over the world from the various visitors. I suggest if you go, (make a special trip, its worth it) plan to spend at least 2 hours there and bring that list of special ingredients you can’t find anywhere. Have fun! Its an amazing food adventure. Check out their website @ www.junglejims.com.

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