Last weekend my husband and I went to Kelleys Island, a small island, only 4 square miles, the largest fresh water American island in Lake Erie. Yes, Lake Erie is actually clean and beautiful, it was named on “CNN” top ten list of America’s healthiest beach and lake getaways! Pretty good considering that beaches from Hawaii, California and Florida where also on the list. The weather was great, and I actually was able to eat vegetarian while I was there. The restaurants are mostly pub fare, but fortunately most of the restaurants offer at least one or two vegetarian meals. One of the places we ate was “Kelleys Island Brewery”, for such a small island, they actually have a microbrewery and a winery! What more could you ask for? Kelleys Island Brewery (check out their website @ had several vegetarian dishes. The one I picked was the burrito, it was really different, refried beans, avocado and spinach dip with cheese wrapped in a herb burrito….yummy! To wash it down I had one of their beers called “Summer Haze”.
If you ever have a chance to visit Kelleys Island, go for it. Its one of the most relaxing places you’ll ever visit! Make sure to check out their website at I promise, you won’t regret it!

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