I’ve been reading and rediscovering my vegetarianism/veganism ways. Along the way I’ve discovered macrobiotics. I touched upon it awhile back. Macrobiotics isn’t only what you eat, its a way of life. I’ve discovered many wonderful books. I’m reading two different books on macrobiotics at the moment (don’t ever start 2 books at the same time…its difficult!) One of the books is from a wonderful author, “Cristina Pirello”, she has a series of books, the one I’m reading is “Cooking the Whole Foods Way”.
 Christina is an amazing woman, she found out at the age of 26 that she was diagnosed with an acute form of leukemia, that doctors told her she was terminally ill, they told her she had 6 to 9 months. Wow! I couldn’t imagine. I had cancer, Hodgkin’s, one of the most curable of cancers. Of course I went through 3 months of chemo followed by 4 weeks of radiation, which damaged my arteries, so I experienced open heart surgery later. I didn’t consider any other forms of treatment.  Christian did. She discovered macrobiotics. She fortunately met someone who introduced her to the macrobiotic lifestyle. Eating fresh foods, discovering what certain foods do for your body. After fourteen months, she was declared totally free of leukemia cells. She was cancer free. That was 24 years ago! The father of macrobiotics George Ohsawa also was very sick, he discovered eating certain foods, became healthy. Thus the birth of macrobiotics Aren’t you just a little curious to read about macrobiotics now? 

I know, you’ll probably thinking, I don’t have cancer, heart disease, I’m fairly healthy…..I don’t really need macrobiotics….but you do. Wouldn’t you like a simpler way to eat? A fresh approach to food?  Since I’ve become vegan, I rarely have a sleepless night. I feel energetic, I feel a spark I never had before. 
Macrobiotics eat and live naturally, choosing foods that are seasonal.  Philosophy also plays a major role in macrobiotics. Living in harmony with nature and people around you.
Another fun book I’m reading is by Jessica Porter “the Hip Chick’s guide to Macrobiotics”She has a humorous way of looking at macrobiotics. Humorous yes, but very informational.
All of the books I’ve mentioned have wonderful recipes of which I will share with you as I discover them.
I guess I’ve been working up to this, I still consider myself vegan, of which most macrobiotics are. Macrobiotics do eat fish from time to time…as do I…so I guess really I’ve been a macrobiotic all along…..

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