You probably noticed in my latest recipes I’ve been using safflower oil
or coconut oil
in most of my cooking. You probably thought why? I thought olive oil is the best. Well it is if your using it for salad dressings or to sprinkle over food another words, just don’t cook with it.
Your probably still thinking…why? Its because of the smoke point, the temperature at which the oil starts to break down. These break downs result in changes in flavor, as well as changes in nutritional value. The nutritional value of the oil start to degrade, changing what once may have been considered healthy (like olive oil) into one that is unhealthy.
The higher an oil’s smoke point, the higher the temperature the oil can withstand. Because of this, each type of oil should be used for certain cooking methods.
I found this on the Internet which was excerpted from “GET REAL” and STOP Dieting! from Brett Blumenthal. I haven’t read this book, it sounds interesting though…and believe me…I’ve been dieting the last 20 years…it would be kind of nice to stop!

No heat – flaxseed and olive oil (for use in salads)
Low-Moderate heat – Coconut,Olive, Sesame (for use in low heat baking, light sauteing)
Medium heat – Macadamia Nut, Peanut, Safflower,Canola (for use in medium heat baking, sauteing, stir-fry
High heat – Avocado, Grapeseed, Sunflower, Soybean/Soy (for use in deep frying, searing)

Whatever oil you decide to use, remember that most oils are refined. Refined oils tend to have a much higher smoke point. Unrefined oils though are more nutritious which is good for salads.
When it comes to extremely high heat cooking, always choose refined.
I’ve been using Coconut Oil in most of my cooking, when I bought the oil, I noticed I could purchase Coconut oil that was refined, or unrefined…I couldn’t understand why, now I know why!
I went to a cooking class a couple of weeks ago. The chef who taught the class was Chef Scot Jones, he is a Vegan, owns a restaurant with Chrissie Hynde’s (of the Pretenders) called VegiTerranean in Akron, Ohio. (check out their website;
I asked him what type of oil he cooks with, he said olive oil (not Virgin) mixed with Canola Oil. Basically 1/2 and 1/2.
So there you have it, see what oil works best for you.

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