Several years ago my daughter took a class on India. For extra credit they could choose to eat at an Indian Restaurant. Her professor recommended a local restaurant “Bombay Sitar” located in Canton, Ohio, 4633 Belden Village St NW. My daughter loved it! She has since turned me into an “Indian Food fanatic”! Its a vegetarian persons dream restaurant! They have over 15 different vegetarian offerings. We went the other night, I got “Bayngan Bharta” eggplant roasted in the Tandoor and cooked with green peas, fresh tomatoes, onions, ginger, and garlic in traditional Punjabi style….yummy!
To go with it, I highly recommend “Naan” bread, traditional Punjabi-style tear drop shaped white bread baked on the wall of the Tandoori Oven.
For dessert, we love the “Kheer”, rice pudding made with almonds and pistachios.
If your ever in Canton, you MUST try “Bombay Sitar”. OK, so your thinking, why would I ever go to Canton, Ohio? Did you know the “Football Hall of Fame” is located here? And we’re only 45 minutes south of Cleveland.
If you can’t make it to Canton, at least try an Indian Restaurant in your town, I know you won’t be disappointed!

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