Trying To Stay Vegetarian While Dining Out!

Posted by on Aug 16, 2009 in Blog

Last night I was going to cook but we decided to go out to eat instead. You can usually eat vegetarian at most restaurants even if you just get a baked potato and salad.
Last night I really felt like pasta (I just love pasta!), the menu had this veal dish (a huge no no), the side with it was angel hair pasta with zucchini, mushroom and spinach…perfect! So I asked for the side only, which cost me 1/2 of the price (another bonus). It was really good but unfortunately it was saturated with butter! I mean dripping in butter. Now, if I was “Julia Child” I would of loved it, but I’m trying to live a heart healthy life and butter isn’t one of the items on my list (even though Julia’s right, there’s nothing better than butter). So, I guess the thing to do when eating out is to ask questions. I’ve found that most restaurants will accommodate. As Julia would say “Bon-a-petite” but without butter!


  1. 8-17-2009

    I think Paula Dean would have loved it too!

  2. 8-18-2009

    Your right! Thanks for "blogging"!

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