Yes, I’m going to take the next “jump” into Vegetarianism, I’m going Vegan. Well, actually I’ve been a vegan for 1 whole week! I realize I might accidental relapses from time to time, especially when dining out, but I thought…why not! Turning vegetarian was easy, go for the next logical step. I might want to mention that I did read a book that pretty much convinced me to at least try to become a vegan.
“Skinny Bitch” by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin. Along with the DVD “Food, Inc.” has changed my whole way of thinking about food, where it comes from and realize I have a choice on what I want to put into my mouth.
“Wow, give up cheese?” you might say. I’ve discovered so many “fake” cheeses out there that are really good, I don’t even miss the cow kind. By fake I mean either “cheese” made from soy or rice. Yes you heard me, rice or soy.
I realized with my heart situation, if I mess up my new arteries to my heart, I might not have a second chance. Giving up food I thought I loved is worth it when I know what my alternative may be.
Now, if you think you could not possibly become a Vegan, try it for ONE day. Just maybe one day a month even. I found many wonderful recipes in the following books:

All three of these books have really wonderful Vegan recipes. I have to admit, I had to resupply my kitchen with “vegan” options, but once I made the initial purchase, I now have them.
I found most of my ingredients at my local health food store, my local chain grocery store actually has a pretty good “health foods” selection. And let’s face it, you can find yummy vegetables anywhere!
If you don’t think you could become Vegan at least read “Skinny Bitch”, get if from the library, it will at least open your eyes and perhaps maybe we can all become involved with where our food comes from and how its processed. It only takes one person….image what we all could do!

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