So, a couple of weeks ago I decided to become a vegetarian, not necessarily a vegan, but no more meat, fish, chicken.

Why become a vegetarian after 50 years of eating meat and loving every bit of it?

Maybe it was the cancer 4 years ago, followed by open heart surgery 3 months ago….time for a change. So, I’ll be posting my meals, just to make sure I’m on track and to search out restaurants in Canton, Ohio that might come close to vegetarian menus.

Breakfast: Fat free Greek yogurt (its so creamy and yummy) with 1/2 te granola and a squirt of honey. Lemon-blueberry muffin (I made).
Lunch: Portobello Mushroom “Philly” Cheese steak w/low fat cheese
Snack: Home made salsa w/baked tortilla chips
Dinner: Fresh peas, salad with home made Creamy Ital dressing (made with skim milk) and Butternut Squash tortellini and red wine
Dessert: 2 small squares dark chocolate

I find it easy to figure out recipes and think of things to eat as a vegetarian. The hard part is to figure out what to feed my family. At 20 & 23, my stepchildren’s idea of vegetables are french fries!

So, to help your heart out, why don’t you make at least one day a week a vegetarian day….you never know, you just might like it!

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  1. 12-12-2009

    ok, so my stepson yelled at me…I know what vegetables are! Ok, sorry Kevin and Ashley, I have to admit you usually do eat the vegetables I make…it will just take a long time to convince you to become vegetarians…that's what I meant.

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