I hate that question. My husband and I went to Marco Island, Florida last week, he for work, me for rest and relaxation! One of the perks of this “vacation” is we get taken out to dinner. Marco Island is a wonderful place, unfortunately they have quite of few steak restaurants of which we went to. I have a big admission to make, I ate my share of fish last week. I know, but meat or chicken did NOT pass these lips! The questions I got asked when I said I became a vegetarian was “WHY”? I guess I should have said, “why do you eat meat?” My response is always the same, I tell them I’m doing it for my heart, the second question is, “what about protein?” again, I have to explain to them that I eat lots of beans which are loaded with protein. I think we need to educate people that eating vegetables, legumes, pasta isn’t really that difficult. At one of those steak restaurants my husband ordered a steak (of course), the sight of it made me sick, I felt bad enough I was eating fish! I suppose I should have just ordered a bunch of sides, they did have quite of variety of side vegetable dishes which being part of a big party we did order most of them, and which I ate most of them.
So, the next time, someone asks me “why” I’m going to tell them, because I want to live a long time without complications!

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