I went to my cardiologist today. I am very happy to report my cholesterol level was 143 and my LDL level was 80! Okay, you may think “what’s the big deal”. Well in various studies, any person whose cholesterol level is 150 or less with an LDL level of 80 or less will NOT HAVE HEART DISEASE! According to Rip Esselstyn his father is Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn a famous cardiologist from the Cleveland Clinic whose book “Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease”
is a very interesting and eye opening book. I quote from Rip’s book “The Engine 2 Diet”

“The average American has a total cholesterol above 200 mg/dl. The average American will also die of cardiovascular disease.” Kind of scary! He goes on to say “I’d like to see you aim to get yours below 150” (so do I) “even though your doctor may tell you that below 200mg/dl is good enough”. He goes on to say “The average American has the LDL cholesterol level well above 100 mg/dl.” You shouldn’t accept average! He continues “The magic number we’re shooting for is below 80. Get your LDL below 80 mg/dl and you are essentially heart attack proof.” So, you can see why I was so happy today.
I believe preventing heart disease is a way of life. You CAN control it. I volunteered today in the cardiac surgery center. All patients I saw today where recovering from either having a stent put into their arteries or had open heart surgery. Most of the people I saw today where overweight, obese.
Its that time of year that we all start making our “New Year’s Resolutions”, make eating WELL one of them. Sure I’d love to lose 10lbs, but what about you? Just take one day a week and become a vegetarian. Try one of my recipes. Try one month of non- meat eating, then maybe if you think “hey this isn’t bad” the next month try for 2 days a week. You might be surprised…..you might realize you don’t miss meat. Give it a try, your heart will thank you for it. HAPPY VEGETARIAN NEY YEAR!

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